Polyphony Digital Announce Maintenance – New GT Sport

Polyphony Digital Announce Maintenance – New GT Sport

Online racing is the key focus of the New GT Sport game. This competitive racing game is supported by FIA which is a federal Government body. It is a high-level and action-thriller video game which was released with 168 unique racing cars and 29 different tracks. The cars have different models. They differ in terms of their features. The game also gives the users automatic updates which has taken the number of cars to  309 cars and 58 tracks as on August 2019. A new update of the game will be releasing next week as announced by Gran Turismo Sport.

Polyphony Digital announced that an update will be made available to the video-game enthusiasts. Gran Turismo Sport will perform the maintenance update. During the maintenance the online services of the game will not be available to play. The developer has also mentioned the date of update in his post of announcement. The update will take place in 26 September 2019 between 6.00-8.00 UTC.

The following are the models of the new cars:

  • Ferrari 365 GTB/4 1971
  • Dodge Coronet Super Bee 1970
  • Cheverolets 959
  • Ceverolets StingRay Racer Concept
  • Camaro ZL1 1LE

Yamauchi is the guy behind the game. He has announced the update news of the game on twitter. He also mentions the addition of four cars in the New GT game. The guy posted the pictures of the new cars which will be added in the game. This is not the first time Yamauchi announced the GT Sport update. In August 2019, he mentioned the latest changes in the game after the updates in his twitter announcement. The August update introduced wet weather tracks.

The game developers run the last update in the first week of September. However, this update did not bring about any significant changes to the game. However, this is an advanced update which will give you access to new cars and new tracks.

The video game enthusiasts are looking forward to the update. They want to see which cars are being added. They are eager to use these cars to play the game with great excitement and enthusiasm. These update bring a lot of keenness and thrill to the game. Car enthusiasts are excited about the new additions of the cars. They are also curious about the different track updates. Yamauchi keeps on adding new tracks and cars to bring excitement to the game. The new tracks come with more challenges for the video-game players to face.

They are waiting for the update anxiously. They want to stay updated with the latest releases and additions of the game. If you want to stay updated, then you should run this update on your game and enjoy the new additional cars and tracks. Get ready for the excitement the new update brings with it. To improve the game Polyphony Digital might announce more updates in coming days to improve the quality of the game and release minor fixes. Stay tuned to find out about the latest updates.

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