Situated in the mountainous, Caucasus region where the Asian and European landmasses combine, Armenia commends its Independence Day on the 1991 anniversary of the nation voting in a countrywide referendum for sway. The present Doodle praises this public holiday, otherwise called Ankakhutyun, with a portrayal of the national tricolor flag.Read More →

The present Doodle, shown by Seoul, South Korea-based guest artist Kim Jam, observes Chuseok, a three-day, harvest festival observed across the Korean peninsula. As one of the three most significant holidays on the Korean lunar calendar, Chuseok is a period for families to meet up and show gratitude for aRead More →

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On the third Monday of September, individuals of Japan honor the eldest in their communities during Respect for the Aged Day. The present Doodle by Ishikawa, Japan-based visitor craftsman Maiko Dake captures the delight given by older individuals and their contributions to society. The occasion, otherwise called Keirō no Hi,Read More →

On this date in 1810, Chile’s Primera Junta Nacional de Gobierno (First National Assembly) made the initial move toward autonomy, starting the beginning of the Chilean development to becoming a sovereign nation. The present Doodle honors Chile’s National Day or Fiestas Patrias with a portrayal of the South American country’sRead More →

Happy Independence Day, Mexico! The present Doodle, outlined by Mexico-based guest artist Magdiel Herrerra, portrays an assortment of components representing Mexico’s rich, cultural heritage in honor its Independence Day. The current year’s holiday holds unique importance for the international Mexican community as it remembers the 200th anniversary of the country’sRead More →

In festival of U.S. Hispanic Heritage Month, the present Doodle—showed by Riverside, California-based guest artist Loris Lora—respects Panamanian-American medical attendant and instructor Dr. Ildaura Murillo-Rohde. As a foundational figure in the making of the National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN), Dr. Murillo-Rohde committed her life to enhancing the quality ofRead More →

Regardless of whether booming from speakers of a music festival mainstage or into the headphones of millions of listeners worldwide, the music of Swedish whiz DJ, maker, musician, and helpful Tim Bergling—known best by his stage name Avicii—is broadly considered to have always adjusted the trajectory of the Pop kind.Read More →