What’s new with Glockboy LA

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Word on the Eastern North Carolina Streets is Glockboy LA is about to shake things up! From Greenville NC via Brooklyn NY, Glockboy has been killing the independent music scene in North Carolina and beyond for some time now. The guy oozes the kind of charisma that makes most want to be cool with him and the haters dizzy.

From the moment he dropped his unintentional smash single “Slide” things have taken off like a whirlwind for Glockboy LA. Slide, written after the loss of his best friend grabbed Eastern North Carolina by the collar and never let go. Catching the attention of major DJ’s and even rappers like Stunna4Vegas in the process it fast became clear Glockboy was one to watch.

With every new list dropping of the who’s who of rappers in North Carolina Glockboy La typically finds himself near or at the very top of them. A testament to his staying power. With new jams like “Body 4 Body” and more the fanbase has sprouted outside of the Carolinas and into the wide-ranging deep

south. Glockboy is gearing up for a huge 2022 release and all signs point to major wins in his near future.

For more music from Glockboy LA follow his Spotify account.

By Freida Dhanial

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