How to Get Slurp Mushrooms in Lego Fortnite

How to Get Slurp Mushrooms in Lego Fortnite

You must be aware of Slurp Juice if you enjoy Fortnite. This item, a drink that helps boost health and restore your hunger gauge, has also been added to Lego Fortnite. But you have to gather the Slurp Mushrooms yourself, which is a necessary ingredient.

In Lego Fortnite, Slurp Mushrooms are a frequent item, although contrary to popular belief, they are not located in the Grasslands’ wide spaces. Instead, to locate this component, you’ll have to seek quite a bit in odd locations. In the game, here’s how to obtain some Slurp Mushrooms.

Where Can You Get Mushrooms for Slurp?

Unfortunately, if you’ve looked around the Grasslands a little to see if you can find any Slurp Mushrooms, your search will have turned up nothing. Rather, they are exclusive to the caves found in the Grasslands Biome. Caves will resemble big, stony buildings with a tiny entrance in the front.

Make sure you have at least a few torches with you before you enter the cave so you can see. You won’t need to worry about taking any strong swords with you because opponents here will be very low level. It should only take a Shortsword. Slurp Mushrooms will have a broad range of the structural and stylistic variations, similar to the picture above. Slurp mushrooms are found inside the cave, for the most part. If you would prefer to avoid wasting any expensive tools, you can crack it open with your hands.

How to Use Slurp Mushrooms

You can use Slurp Mushrooms to make Slurp Juice after you have some in your inventory. Slurp Juice recipe ingredients include:

  • 2x Raspberry
  • 2x Slurp Mushroom

In the Grasslands Biome, raspberries are commonly found sporadically. Nevertheless, you must first make a juicer in order to prepare the Slurp Juice. The following are needed for this utility station:

  • Eight Planks
  • Eight Marble Slabs
  • Five Knotroot Rods

In addition to satisfying your hunger, Slurp Juice provides you with five minutes of slow healing. This makes it an excellent item to keep in your inventory. This implies that in the event that you lose health during a combat and have any remaining Slurp Juice, those hearts will over time recover.

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