A German Drone Company Has Launched a Second Factory in Ukraine

A German Drone Company Has Launched a Second Factory in Ukraine

Quantum Systems has opened a drone factory and development center in Ukraine to accelerate the delivery of reconnaissance capabilities to the Ukrainian military.

The new facility, the German company’s second in Ukraine, is expected to increase production capacity to 1,000 drones per year, including spare parts.

The company plans to invest €6 million (US$6.4 million) over the next two years to further support its production lines and employees.

Florian Seibel, CEO of Quantum Systems, said the partnership underlines Kyiv’s confidence in the company’s capabilities.

“With our own plant, we want to express our trust in Ukraine and our conviction that the future of drone technology is being written here,” Seibel said.

To date, Quantum has provided 212 Vector reconnaissance drones to Ukraine. The group expects to deliver 500 units by the end of the year.

Unmanned tactics

Kiev has made extensive use of drones to reduce casualties while countering Russian forces.

This aircraft is integrated into attack teams that connect via satellite communications to organize tactical operations.

They are also used to bomb Russian energy facilities to slow Moscow’s advance eastward.

In support of the new mission plan, the allies of the Ukraine Defense Liaison Group have formed a Drone Coalition to provide the country with more unmanned equipment.

The coalition is led by Latvia and supported by Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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