Google Assistant may replaced by Chatgpt in Android Phones: Everything you need know about it

Google Assistant may replaced by Chatgpt in Android Phones: Everything you need know about it

ChatGPT, which is already popular among AI enthusiasts, is probably going to be released as an Android assistant. As a substitute, the OpenAI language model may represent a serious threat to Google’s built-in virtual assistant. With the upcoming update, users could be able to choose their favorite default assistant. What it signifies to users is as follows:

Using ChatGPT as an Android Digital Assistant:

Since Android is an open platform, users have always had access to a large selection of customization choices. Android specialist Mishaal Rahman discovered the information on an APK breakdown of the app and claims that the most recent version of ChatGPT has added a new activity called com.openai.voice.assistant. However, by default, the new AssistantActivity is disabled. However, a “swirling animation” that looks like the one you see when using ChatGPT, the in-app voice assistant, occurs when you manually turn it on and launch the app.

Although it is not yet fully ready for deployment, the assistant is still in development. In addition, in order to make rapid tile settings for Android easily accessible for users, the OpenAI prodigy ChatGPT is working on this feature. The availability of this feature for free to all users or exclusive to ChatGPT Plus customers is still unknown.

Future of ChatGPT:

An official announcement stated that users would be able to access the ChatGPT assistant by swiping up from the bottom corner or long-pressing the home button on the OpenAI-powered voice assistant. Make sure that on Android, users have ChatGPT set as their default digital assistant app. It’s possible that the ChatGPT app will never be able to create new hotwords or respond to ones that already exist because it requires access to privileged APIs that are restricted to trustworthy pre-installed apps.

Voice functionality for ChatGPT was added in an OpenAI upgrade that was issued in September of last year. According to the company’s release, the chatbot, which is driven by generative AI, can reply to user inquiries in five different voices. Furthermore, according to OpenAI, professional voice actors assisted in the creation of each voice.

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