YouTube is resolving one of its most annoying issues for premium customers

YouTube is resolving one of its most annoying issues for premium customers

How frequently have you used your phone to watch a video only to accidentally pause it when you tap on it? A new feature that YouTube is developing aims to assist users in avoiding these accidental taps.

YouTube gives YouTube Premium users the opportunity to test out new features from time to time. The most recent of these appears to be a “Lock Screen” feature that can be enabled by users when they watch videos in full-screen mode.

The feature, according to the company, prevents touch inputs from being used when watching videos. Along these lines, YouTube Premium clients will not need to stress over stopping, quick sending, or upsetting the video in differently.

Simply tap the gear icon in the upper left corner to utilize the feature. There will be a Lock Screen choice that the client can choose.

Unfortunately, only select Android or iOS YouTube Premium subscribers can use the feature. Additionally, YouTube is giving users until July 30 to test the feature on their own. By going to the YouTube home page, you can check to see if you got the invitation.

YouTube isn’t the only app with a lock screen feature. Back in 2020, Netflix likewise acquainted a lock screen highlight with its versatile application to forestall unplanned contacts.

The company is working on more than just a lock screen right now. YouTube confirmed just last week that it is testing a three-strike policy for users who enable ad blockers. Android Authority was informed by a YouTube spokesperson that the company was conducting a brief global experiment to encourage users to permit ads on the platform. Additionally, it is said to be testing a gaming service known as “Playables.”

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