A number of improvements could make Apple Pencil 3 better than Samsung’s S Pen

A number of improvements could make Apple Pencil 3 better than Samsung’s S Pen

Rumors about the Apple Pencil 3 are still flowing, and it may be unveiled as early as May 7. The most recent is from Bloomberg, which thinks that haptic feedback will be supported for the first time by this official iPad stylus. With this possible addition, writing and sketching on an iPad Pro 7 would probably feel more like using a traditional pencil and paper.

Although the story doesn’t say exactly how these haptics will work with the Apple Pencil 3, we can safely assume a few things. For instance, the feel of the stylus may change based on the type of tool you’re using-a digital paintbrush, pen, crayon, etc. Using the current double-tap gesture to move between tools, these haptics might also work as an indicator.

Speaking of gestures, the iPadOS 17.5 beta code mentions a potential new squeeze detection feature for the Apple Pencil 3. The new performance, when combined with the double-tap gesture, may provide iPad users additional ways to engage with iPadOS and switch between tools without touching their screens.

If not, prior reports indicate that the Apple Pencil 3 may switch from a matte to a glossy surface. Additionally, it might allow for interchangeable tips with various functions. Users will be able to switch between them according to the tasks they are completing as a result. Finally, Apple might add Find My support to its next stylus, which would make it simpler to find if it were lost or stolen.

In the event that these speculated features occur, third-party stylus producers might be motivated to improve. Given that most conventional styli don’t enable haptic feedback, Find My integration may be one of their key selling factors.

In addition, this might encourage competitors like Samsung to add more functions to their own tablets and styli. The SmartThings app may be used to find the location of the S Pen Pro, but pressure-based movements and haptic feedback are not supported.

Next week’s Let Loose event is probably when the iPad Pro 7, iPad Air 6, and updated Magic Keyboard-the Apple Pencil 3-will be released. To remain up to do on the latest, be sure to check out our coverage both during and after the Apple event.

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