A new puzzle game has been added to LinkedIn’s platform

A new puzzle game has been added to LinkedIn’s platform

A game of word puzzles is called The Pinpoint. To earn points, the player must identify which of the five categories the words fit into with the fewest guesses.

However, Queens is a logic game that is played similarly to Sudoku but without the use of numbers. The players are to place “queen” crowns in a pattern in every row, column, and colored area of the grid; none of the crowns should contact one another.

It’s believed that crossclimb combines word games with trivia. Here, it provides hints for guessing the word, which must fit on the grid. There will only be a single letter modification in each word that follows. Crossclimb is not as easy as it sounds; it takes a lot of mental toughness to master.

When it was announced in March 2024 that LinkedIn was going to launch games, a lot of users on social media sites like X (previously Twitter) criticized the firm for following Facebook’s strategy, while others supported the company’s new direction.

There are many who believe that playing games on LinkedIn will be more of a distraction than a benefit. The company has acknowledged the issue and stated that players will only be able to play each of the three games on its platform once every day. It is comparable to the Wordle (which is currently owned by The International New York Times) in terms of time limitations.

There is just one word produced per day in the well-known word game. All age groups find it to be incredibly popular. Wordle gives users six chances to correctly identify a five-letter word.

Some claim that adding new games to LinkedIn will boost user engagement and draw more users to the network. In the end, this will help LinkedIn in maintaining its business.

However, only time will tell how well-received new games on LinkedIn will be among its global user base of over one billion.

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