‘Pokémon Sleep’ is coming later this month on iOS and Android

‘Pokémon Sleep’ is coming later this month on iOS and Android

The Pokémon Organization Worldwide reported today that preregistration has begun for Pokémon Rest, the rest tracker application that transforms rest into diversion, on Google Play for Android cell phones.

Watch the new trailer to learn more about Pokémon Sleep on the Official Pokémon YouTube Channel.

They put gameplay in italics because this isn’t a game. It’s a sleep-tracking app with a Pokémon skin. The app pairs you with the snooze-loving Snorlax. You won’t believe how much you bond with the enormous oaf by sleeping. Getting a decent night’s rest builds your score and permits Snorlax to siphon “drowsy power” from your poor, inert husk. In return, more drowsy Pokémon come to visit you and offer you rare ways to sleep. Repeat this process until your “Sleep Style Dex” is completely full. Need to get them all.

Feeding Snorlax berries and specialized drinks can also help you bond with it, but it won’t bring tired Pokémon like Slowpoke and Diglett to your “sleep island.” That necessitates rest and precise sleep monitoring.

As a result, the sleep tracking features appear to be quite robust, making use of the accelerometer and microphone on your phone to determine whether or not you snore or toss and turn. Which pocket monsters come to visit seems to depend on how you sleep. For example, assuming you thrash around the entire evening, anticipate that Togepi should confer its “Rocking Sleep” style. Jigglypuff will play a song in its trademark “Singing Sleep” style if you snore. The reason why a sleep tracker took over four years to develop and which Pokémon visits when you lie in bed all night staring at your phone surrounded by potato chips has also not been explained by the company.

There is no integration with any fitness or sleep tracking apps because the app is a walled garden. However, it does connect to the Pokémon Go Plus bracelet, allowing users to begin tracking their sleep by pressing a button on the device. Additionally, wearing the bracelet encourages the occasional appearance of a nightcap-wearing Pikachu. The forthcoming Pokémon Sleep app is free, while a bracelet costs around $30.

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