Beats unveils new Studio Buds colours and Android app called ‘Locate My Beats’

Beats unveils new Studio Buds colours and Android app called ‘Locate My Beats’
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Beats has announced that its Studio Buds earphones will be available in three new colours starting tomorrow: blue, grey, and pink. They join the current black, white, and red selections from last year. The price of $149.99 remains unchanged.

Apple sells the Studio Buds in all hues, but they’re divided among third-party retailers: Amazon will sell the grey, Best Buy will offer the blue, and Target will sell the pink buds. In its first year on the market, Beats claims that the Studio Buds have become “the fastest-selling Beats product to date, globally.” Beats is offering new functionality for Android phone consumers in addition to some new colours.

You can now use the “Locate My Beats” feature to find your misplaced Studio Buds — or any other earphones that work with the Beats app — and you can add a widget to your home screen to check battery life or switch between different listening modes (noise canceling, transparency, and so on).

Personally, We prefer the Beats Fit Pro over the Studio Buds, but there are a few members of The Verge’s editorial team who prefer the less expensive pair. We really wish Beats would make the transparent purple pair shown in one of their product design films available for purchase. Those are the ones you do go for right away.

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