Photos and files can soon be sent without an internet connection using WhatsApp

Photos and files can soon be sent without an internet connection using WhatsApp

WhatsApp will soon allow you to share files or photographs to a person in the area without utilizing the internet. Previously, the messaging applications only supported file sharing up to 2GB. WhatsApp’s version of Nearby exchange/Quick Share, which allows you to exchange files over Bluetooth and access to nearby devices, may be the offline file sharing option.

The Android beta version of the feature is presently being tested, and it clearly shows WhatsApp’s request for permission on your phone to access nearby devices, your phone’s photo gallery, and the device’s location. Nearby Share also requires this permission for the off-the-internet file sharing to function.

One benefit of these file-sharing features is that you may manually block access to them at any time, which is an appropriate step to take. Although the offline sharing capability has already been mentioned, the tool’s beta testing phase indicates that the actual release may not be too far off.

You might contend that the majority of apps require the internet to function, so the fact that WhatsApp has an offline feature is encouraging, particularly for sharing content with contacts or those in nearby areas while using its full encryption capability.

Additionally, WhatsApp is testing a new feature that allows it to provide these facts when you click the plus icon at the bottom of the screen.

According to Wabetainfo’s most recent report this week, Android users running version are able to beta test the new feature. Essentially, the messaging app is adding a new option to its design called Recently online. This tab is located directly above the section where you can view the names of all of your WhatsApp contacts.

The tipster notes in the post that “although this feature doesn’t provide a comprehensive online list of contacts, it effectively simulates such functionality by displaying a limited number of recent active contacts, particularly when attempting to select contacts to place a call with.”

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