Lucid’s forthcoming electric vehicle will be the first to include Dolby Atmos

Lucid’s forthcoming electric vehicle will be the first to include Dolby Atmos

Lucid Motors is preparing for the arrival of its first electric vehicle, the Lucid Air car, and at SXSW, the organization uncovered an exceptional detail of the upcoming automobile: it’ll be the first car to offer Dolby Atmos sound, because of its 21 speaker “Surreal Sound” system.

In a four minute-plus video specifying the new sound setup, the organization features its ability to not just simply change the situation of sound in the vehicle on a horizontal plane (i.e., moving between left and right sides of the vehicle or from the front to the back) yet additionally vertically — considering music or ambient car signals to be focused on higher or lower inside the vehicle.

“It was very obvious to us that Lucid was trying to do something different and trying to do something that was unique to the automotive experience,” said Tim Pryde, Dolby’s director of music.

Also, as odd as the possibility of automotive Atmos sounds, a vehicle is really a very decent environment for an Atmos setup, given the controlled, exemplified space that is generally simple to guarantee has full speaker coverage for Dolby’s spatial sound system. While its not in every case simple to mount speakers in your ceiling (or to get up-firing rear surrounds) setup in your living room, a vehicle — particularly one with 21 speakers — that has been intended to coordinate the framework from the beginning is a natural fit.

Notwithstanding music, Lucid is likewise utilizing its Atmos setup for markers and ready sounds — for instance, if a traveler in the back seat isn’t wearing their seatbelt, the seatbelt toll will focus on that traveler’s corner of the vehicle explicitly.

Lucid isn’t the solitary enormous vehicle organization to be taking a gander at significant audio partnerships, all things considered. Audi as of late declared that it would cooperate with Sonos on its forthcoming Q4 E-Tron, with more subtleties on that partnership set to be uncovered in April.

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