Hitler mustache

Amazon presents an adjustment to application icon after correlations with Hitler mustache

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Amazon has obviously made a slight change in accordance with its application icon after certain individuals commented online that it looked like the facial hair of a famous 20th-century dictator.

The organization revealed its new icon in January, supplanting the long-familiar blue shopping cart logo with a brown cardboard box.

The cardboard box highlighted the famous Amazon grin, however straightforwardly over that was a jagged piece of blue tape that evoked references to Adolf Hitler’s particular mustache.

“Someone should @amazon that a mouth with a little moustache is a big no-go…” one Twitter user commented in late January.

“Amazons new App logo Does not remind me of Hitler… Amazons new App logo Does not remind me of Hitler… Amazons new App logo Does not remind me of Hitler…,” wrote another user.

“Amazon’s new app logo be looking like they’re the THIRD most downloaded in the “Reich” section,” quipped another Twitter user, referring to the alternative name for the Nazi regime.

The update application icon actually includes neutral blue tape partially peeled back, without the jagged edge.

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