According to reports, Google is working on a standalone Weather app

According to reports, Google is working on a standalone Weather app

On an Android phone, checking the local weather is more difficult than we would like. You can only use the Google app on your device to get weather information because there is still no dedicated app. The company decided to offer a separate Weather app for Wear OS last year. We’re presently discovering that Google is dealing with a different Climate application for Android telephones and tablets, at long last bringing equality between its versatile and wearable stages.

Some digging inside rendition 7.5 of the Google Clock application by report revealed traces of another Climate application for Android, expected to work freely of the Google application. Although it has been a long time since October 2022, one might have thought that since the app was first released on Wear OS last year, it would only be a matter of time before Android smartphones and tablets received the same treatment.

Since the Google Clock app already contains a reference to a package called “” in its code, Feature could be available shortly after the launch of the Google Pixel Tablet and Pixel Fold in less than a month. Local weather results would be integrated into the Clock app for a better user experience in addition to functioning as a standalone application for checking weather forecasts. Some of these details might also appear in the widget on the Clock’s home screen.

This execution could offer weather conditions results for every city you have on the Clock application, as well as showing measurements like high/low temperature and general circumstances in the area. To this end, the Clock app, according to 9to5Google, has new elements to notify users, such as a clear day, blizzard, extremely hot weather, tropical storm or hurricane, rain, low visibility, and nighttime isolated scattered thunderstorms, among others. In the meantime, users may be redirected to the new standalone Weather app by interacting with the weather results in the Clock app.

Although it received the Material You treatment earlier this month, Google Weather finally caught up with some of its fellow Google-branded apps, such as Google News, which was also late to the party. It is no secret that Google Weather has not historically received much attention on Android. Regarding the forthcoming Weather app, it would be reasonable to anticipate that its new status as a standalone application would grant it access to timely updates and UI rework on par with some of the other core Google apps. You can download Google Clock version 7.5 from APKMirror in addition to the Google Play Store.

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