A new electric scooter from Pure EV, the ePluto 7G Max, will cost you one lakh rupees and have a range of 201 kilometers

A new electric scooter from Pure EV, the ePluto 7G Max, will cost you one lakh rupees and have a range of 201 kilometers

The ePluto 7G Max electric scooter will be available starting on Thursday for 114,999 (ex-showroom), according to Pure EV. The EV firm also announced that bookings for the electric scooter with a retro design have been accepted across the country, with delivery expected to start around the approaching holiday season. The ePluto 7G Max electric scooter is being introduced by Pure EV in an effort to boost sales over the upcoming festive season.

With a single charge, the brand-new ewPluto 7G Max electric scooter promises an amazing 201 kilometers of travel. The EV also has a number of innovative features, including reverse mode, coasting regen, hill-start help, downhill assist, and smart AI for longer battery life. There are four different color possibilities for the retro-themed electric scooter: matte black, red, grey, and white.

A 3.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack that is connected to an electric motor with a 3.21 horsepower peak power output powers the brand-new electric scooter. The battery pack with the AIS-156 certification makes the claim that it has an advanced battery management system run on artificial intelligence (AI). There are three different riding modes for the scooter. According to Pure EV, the scooter has a normal battery guarantee of 60,000 kilometers and an additional extended warranty of 70,000 kilometers is also available.

In terms of the ePluto 7G Max’s design, the scooter combines traditional components with modern additions, such as LED lighting and a fully digital instrument panel. According to the manufacturer, the scooter has advanced regeneration technology. It has features that make parking and reverse mode help easier for the user. The EV can advance at a constant five kilometres per hour thanks to the Auto Push feature, which removes the need for the rider to manually push it.

Rohit Vadera, co-founder and CEO of Pure EV, commented on the introduction of the ePluto 7G MAX by saying that the improved version of the brand’s best-selling 7G model was designed for customers who commute 100 km a day or less. Our constant pursuit of innovation, sustainability, and excellence led to the creation of this improved version of our best-selling 7G model. Customers who drive roughly 100 km each day and don’t want to deal with constant charging are the model’s target market, he continued.

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