First Maruti Suzuki electric vehicle, ‘eVX’, shown with updated design

First Maruti Suzuki electric vehicle, ‘eVX’, shown with updated design

The Suzuki eVX concept’s interior will be seen for the first time at the Japan Motor Show later this month after the outside was updated.

Early this year, the Maruti Suzuki eVX Concept made its debut at the Indian Auto Expo 2023, where it was well-received. We expected the EV to make a big entrance at the upcoming Japan Motor Show, and it did, but with an updated exterior look and for the first time, interiors as well.

The exterior has been modified with new LED headlamps, small changes to the lower front bumper that contains LED fog lamps below, and a silver skid plate that offers a tough, industrial aspect. Additionally, the rear has undergone minor changes and now sports conventional-appearing LED taillights in place of the connected LED light bar that was present in its previous form.

Overall, we think it’s nice that the exterior matches its production-ready form. The interior is futuristic and minimal, therefore we assume that most of it will just be included in the concept model and not be included in the final product.

The dashboard has vertically stacked black air vents and is totally finished in a beige color that gives it a quality appearance. There are no physical buttons in the inside, and the Suzuki symbol appears prominently on the stylish, 2-spoke steering wheel’s touch-sensitive controls.

From the center of the steering wheel forward, there is a sizable single panoramic touchscreen that serves as both the instrument cluster and the infotainment system. Additionally, it has a luxurious center console with a rotary gear selector that appears to be made of glass or crystals. With a dual-tone finish, the seats appear comfortable and sporty, and they come with movable headrests.

Maruti Suzuki hasn’t provided much information on the battery’s makeup or the technology employed, but we predict that it will be about 60 kWh in size and have a range of 500–550 kilometers on a single charge. Additionally, according to Suzuki, the eVX will have electronically controlled four-wheel drive, which should improve the SUV badge of the car.

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