The 15th anniversary of Google Chrome will see a new look

The 15th anniversary of Google Chrome will see a new look

In the upcoming weeks, Google Chrome users may notice some minor visual changes when opening their browser. Given that Google Chrome is the most widely used browser in the world, the chances are excellent that you are one of them.

Google is giving Chrome a little makeover in honour of its 15th birthday. The popular browser’s desktop version will soon have an updated look based on the Material You design language, the company stated in a blog post today.

The upcoming redesign will have new colour palettes that “new color palettes that better complement your tabs and toolbar,” updated iconography, and a “focus on legibility.” According to Google, these new themes should make it simple to identify between various profiles, such as those for your personal and professional accounts.

The company said that a number of changes should make Chrome simpler to use, including a more extensive menu for quicker access to Google Password Manager, Chrome extensions, Google Translate, and more. All bookmarks and a “Search this page with Google” feature are now stored in the browser’s side panel.

Additionally, operating system interaction will be bolstered so that Chrome preferences can adjust to your computer’s light or dark modes. The layout itself stays largely unchanged, however you will see some softer edges and taller tabs.

The 2018 Material Design update was Chrome’s most recent update. If you’re interested in seeing how the new Chrome will feel, the Material You makeover is already available on the Chrome Web Store. The Web Store now includes new AI-powered extensions, an editor’s spotlight, along with more personalised recommendations, in addition to the cosmetic update.

Google also revealed enhancements to browser safety. In the past, the “Safe Browsing” function protected users by comparing a site to a locally stored list of potentially harmful websites. Prior to now, that list was changed every 30 to 60 minutes, but it is now updated instantly. This is a crucial upgrade, according to Google, as 60% of phishing sites are active for less than 10 seconds.

Users only need to wait for the update in order to access the new Chrome.

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