YouTube’s new tool turns every video into a short, TikTok-style clip

YouTube’s new tool turns every video into a short, TikTok-style clip

In a community update, YouTube announced the launch of a new tool that would make it simpler for creators to convert standard videos into Shorts. You’ll find a new feature called “Edit into a Short” under “Create” in the main app if you have any of your own films loaded up. It enables you to choose out up to 60 seconds of the video and upload it as a Short after adding text filters or more video in the Shorts editor.

The “Created from” link at the bottom of the video, which you upload after the Short, goes to the complete video it was taken from. Because of this, artists can use Shorts as marketing materials for the main video to increase views and engagement. The tool, in contrast to Cut, which allows you to remix content from any video, only works with your own footage.

It was as simple to use as promised, allowing me to take the best part of the video, include text, and add a filter, so you gave the tool a go by making a 10-second Short out of a lengthier film you made back in 2010.

All social media networks had to react in some way to TikTok’s tremendous success. However, Instagram has changed its mind about its TikTok-like full-screen feed and suggested posts features in response to a substantial user criticism. TikTok may pose less of a threat to YouTube because it provides longer-form content that appeals to a different audience. However, the new tool demonstrates that it is possible to have your (Short?) cake and eat it too by allowing artists to use Shorts as a promotion for their main content.

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