The new Google Wallet is beginning to appear on people’s phones

The new Google Wallet is beginning to appear on people’s phones
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People have begun to notice Google Wallet on their phones, which will eventually replace Google Pay in several nations (more on that in a bit). Google has “started rolling out the Wallet to Android users in 39 countries,” and it’ll be available “to all users over the next few days,” according to Google spokesman.

At its 2022 I/O event, Google announced Wallet, promoting it as an app to manage all of your digital cards. This includes not only payment-related cards like debit and credit cards (though it does store those), but also digital versions of your identification, vaccinations, tickets, keys, and more.

The present Google Pay app will be replaced by Wallet in the majority of nations. (States that an upgrade to Google Pay is now being rolled out.) Google said that customers in the US and Singapore would utilise both Wallet and Google Pay. Pay will continue to be used as a method of sending money to friends in those nations.

Before the version of Wallet that is being released today, Google had several more revisions. It was an NFC payment app in 2011, and as it developed, it included more payment services like peer-to-peer money transfers (there was even a physical Google Wallet debit card at one point).

Google combined it with Android Pay in 2018 to create Google Pay. That app is starting to revert to being Wallet again right now, at least in most regions. It’s yet another significant change for Google’s payment apps, but ideally it will make it simpler to store digital cards and use your Android phone to make payments.

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