The Assistant with Bard demo video is accidentally leaked by Google

The Assistant with Bard demo video is accidentally leaked by Google

The current version of Google Assistant might not last long. The firm declared that it intends to use generative AI to improve its voice assistant; so, the upcoming experience will be called Assistant with Bard. Although Google has already provided us with a thorough preview of the features we can expect, since October there hasn’t been any official word on it. Fortunately, this is about to change as a new video of Assistant using Bard appears in the Google Pixel Tips app on smartphones.

The video provides a preview of what users might expect from Assistant with Bard when it becomes available to them in a future software update. It was discovered by Nail Sadykov, the owner of the Google News Telegram channel, on X. It discloses that you may interact with the AI using the new native Bard app, which is probably going to replace the old Assistant app. Alternatively, you can utilize the time-tested “Hey Google” hotword or long-pressing your power button.

Upon installation, Bard appears as a bottom-of-the-screen floating overlay greeting you with a “Good morning” and requesting that you “type, talk, or share a photo” in order to continue. Google chooses to use verbal instructions accompanied by a picture of a plant as a visual prompt in the video: “I recently purchased this plant. Please provide me YouTube videos and advice so I can take care of it. Unlike the previous Assistant, Bard’s response requires you to touch the send button. It appears after a little while and includes the specified list of relevant YouTube videos along with a few bullet points.

Mishaal Rahman, an expert on Android, was able to unearth additional details regarding the feature that was concealed in the Pixel Tips app code. Strings indicate that the publishing date is “202403,” meaning that the new Bard experience-which is presently being tested as Android 14 QPR2-will debut with the March feature drop of this year. At first, Assistant with Bard will also be released in extremely small numbers. All devices, with the exception of Pixel phones with Tensor processing, are unable to access the video or tip. This means that, at least initially, it won’t be available for the Pixel Tablet or even the Pixel Fold. The app also lists the upcoming Pixel Fold 2, if it is to be called that, as one of the prohibited devices. This device is codenamed “comet.”

Even though Google is still secretive regarding Assistant with Bard, at this stage we have a fair idea of how it will function. Android app developer Dylan Roussel was able to activate the new Bard UI before of the Pixel Tips video, demonstrating its functionality in a series of pictures. They provide long explanations on how Bard can help, how to link it with other applications, and how your data is utilized to enhance the service. In addition, the screenshots desire users to utilize Bard to examine what’s already on the screen-a important feature that was showcased at the Made by Google event in October.

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