Skincare Recommendations For Holi

Skincare Recommendations For Holi

Ready to enjoy some color at Holi? A skincare routine should be in place both before and after playing, though, as the dry and wet colour can leave your skin and hair looking dull, dry, and rough in the middle of all the festive excitement.

Pre-Holi Planning

It’s Important To Stay Hydrated:

Hydration is the key to robust skin. Increase your water intake and eat more hydrating fruits and vegetables in the days leading up to Holi. Particularly on exposed regions like your face, neck, and arms, apply moisturizer and sunscreen.

Apply Oil As a Protective Layer:

Apply enough coconut oil or almond oil to your skin and hair to protect it from intense colors. For additional protection, you can also use a leave-in conditioner on the ends of your hair.

Sunscreen Saves The Day:

Before you go outside to play, don’t forget to protect yourself from the sun with a full spectrum sunscreen.

Apply A Mild Cleanser:

After the celebrations, try not to clean too much. Use lukewarm water and a mild cleaner to get rid of the colors. A little advice is to use a mild cleanser after wiping your face with a light moisturizer to get rid of the color. Using a gentle cloth, pat dry the face.

Apply moisturizer to calm skin:

Use a relaxing moisturizer on your face and body after washing.

Gently Exfoliate:

After Holi, wait a few days before exfoliating. Because of its sensitivity, exfoliating may exacerbate your skin irritation.

Drink Plenty of Water

To help your skin recuperate from the celebrations, drink lots of water. You can also touch it up with a mild facial crème and nourishing body serum.

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