Comcast now offers YouTube internet cable TV to Xfinity Flex customers

Comcast now offers YouTube internet cable TV to Xfinity Flex customers
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Comcast is bringing YouTube TV to its Xfinity Flex devices, giving customers another option for cutting the cord.

YouTube was previously available on Comcast’s Flex boxes, but with the addition of YouTube TV, consumers can now get more than 85 live television channels for $65 per month. Sling and Hulu with Live TV were already available on the site, so this isn’t the first live TV streaming provider to emerge. However, it broadens the streaming possibilities for consumers who don’t want to pay for cable through Comcast.

The inclusion of YouTube TV, according to Colin Petrie-Norris, senior vice president of consumer entertainment at Xfinity, “is another example of how we surround our broadband service with value, giving our customers access to all their preferred content and subscriptions on one device.”

It’s an unusual move from a cable company, but it makes sense if Comcast wants to compete with other over-the-top boxes that offer YouTube TV, such as Roku, Fire TV Stick, or Chromecast. Comcast currently delivers the boxes free of charge to its Xfinity Internet users, but it does require that they be used. This necessitates the use of well-known apps.

Beginning today, Flex users will have access to YouTube TV.

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