Qualcomm releases Snapdragon Satellite for Android, and it’s not just for emergencies

Qualcomm releases Snapdragon Satellite for Android, and it’s not just for emergencies

In the fall of last year, models of the iPhone 14 were the first to include emergency satellite connectivity. Android devices obviously wouldn’t be long behind. Snapdragon Satellite, a two-way satellite messaging service that will be available on “next-generation premium Android smartphones,” was unveiled today at CES.

A partnership with Iridium, which operates a 66-satellite Low Earth orbit constellation, makes this possible. Globalstar, Apple’s partner for its service, is one of its main rivals.

Two-way messaging for use in emergency situations, SMS texting, and “other messaging applications” will be supported by Snapdragon Satellite. Qualcomm makes it abundantly clear that it will be used for “recreation in remote, rural, and offshore locations,” in addition to emergency situations.

Beginning with devices equipped with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, it will be supported. According to Qualcomm, “is planned to be available on next-generation smartphones, launched in select regions starting in the second half of 2023,” emergency messaging on the Snapdragon Satellite.

The Snapdragon Satellite platform is adaptable to a wider range of devices, including automobiles, IoT products, laptops, and tablets. By making use of satellite connectivity, OEMs and app developers are able to provide exclusive branded services. As soon as they become available, 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) will be supported by Snapdragon Satellite.

“With support for emergency messaging,” Garmin and Qualcomm will collaborate. “Garmin welcomes the opportunity to expand our proven satellite emergency response services to millions of new smartphone users globally,” stated Brad Trenkle, vice president of Garmin’s outdoor segment. We are excited to work with Qualcomm Technologies and Iridium to help people connect to emergency services no matter where life takes them. Garmin Response supports thousands of SOS incidents each year and has probably saved many lives in the process.

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