McDonald’s and Nails.Inc. Launches Their First Beauty Collaboration

McDonald’s and Nails.Inc. Launches Their First Beauty Collaboration

McDonald’s is entering the world of beauty pageants.

Nails INC., a big beauty firm, and the large food retailer announced on Tuesday that they had teamed up to create a nail paint set with a McDonald’s the theme that will be available soon.

The Nails.INC x McDonald’s nail paint duo, small nail polish duo, artificial nail set, and gold hearts topper polish were all included in the set. They will all be sold this month at, in Target stores, and online in March.

The Nails.INC x McDonald’s nail polish duo is sold in McDonald’s fries packages and includes one red Nails.INC nail polish made with the company’s long-lasting formula in the shade ‘ Gotta Ketchup” and “Funny” fast food stickers.

According to a press release, “Top your McDonald’s mani with burgers, fries, or even the signature golden arches included within the set.”

Along with the burger-themed brown hue “Big Mac Please,” the package also includes a small nail polish duo in the shades “Gotta Ketchup” and “Please.” The Big-Mac-packaged stickers featuring fries and burgers are also included in this set.

A “to go” brown bag full with french artificial nails that are ready to be pressed on is another option for those who would want to forego the entire nail design process. The phrases “I Speak French” are also included on the package to further enhance the branding.

This French manicure set includes 30 nude-colored medium-sized almond-shaped nails, some of which even pay homage to McDonald’s fries. “Do you speak French mani or French fries? Or both,” the press release asked.

Fans who want to add some shine to their nails can also add a gold heart topper to each manicure. The product is “created with the famous McDonald’s slogan in mind,” which is also featured on the packaging.

The endeavor is the latest style collaboration by the popular grocery store chain, which partnered with Crocs in November to create McDonald’s-inspired designs, including Crocs’ Grimas “Cozy” sandals and a red pair of Crocs. They announced that they would be releasing the line they had acquired. Includes charms in the shape of French fries, Big Mac, and McNuggets.

The Jibbitz shoes in the collection cost between $70 and $75, while the socks sold for $20 each.

The food chain has also partnered with several celebrities, including BTS and Travis Scott, to launch special McDonald’s meals that include special themed items. Merchandise sold on the artist’s website included themed McDonald’s T-shirts and hats. Scott once sold a $250 menu rug with a McDonald’s order.

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