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Phillies vs Mets: Phillies’ Rhys Hoskins takes 34-second revenge home run trot against Mets

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The Phillies whipped the Mets on Wednesday night (PHI 6, NYM 0), only a night after the Mets whipped the Phillies.

In that Tuesday night affair, Mets reliever Jacob Rhame raised Philly passion by twice going up and in on slugger Rhys Hoskins.

That is unsafe stuff, and regardless of whether it was purposeful (Rhame has walked five players in 3 1/3 innings this season) Hoskins’ anger is very reasonable.

Discussing Hoskins’ resentment, it was apparently still flawless when he confronted Rhame again on Tuesday night. People are going to see Hoskins homer off Rhame. That is not a spoiler in light of the fact that the real superstar is Hoskins’ luxuriating home run trot.

Better believe it, that was a demonstration of vindictive appreciating with respect to Hoskins. The relevant digits on not simply the home run itself, but instead the trot.

Abigail Boyd