The New Sneaker Line called BS by Jr. Michael represents an Express of how life can be sometimes difficult and some of the challenges we face and deal with

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So have you bought the next new pair of sneakers yet? Are you searching for good kicks? Worry no more. Saving you from all the research online, we brought you new eccentric BS sneakers presented by Jr. Michael.

The famous actor, writer, and director of the United States Jr. Michael has recently announced to launch his brand new sneaker line BS kicks in September. They have the quality, the show, the elegance, and the sleek style you look for in any eminent kicks. Let us explain these traits briefly: quality through fine leather material usage, show with the fine color combination of black, neon, and white, elegance with stunning design and sleek style which will stand out the individual’s personality.

What is BS?    

Jr. Michael is a person with a judicious mind. He made BS sneakers not only a fashion accessory but a new ideology. Let’s consider BS sneakers with this aspect.

Everyone faces and deals with BS through daily life. The experiencing stage of BS can begin with childhood or later in life i.e., school, college, or career life. That is why BS represents an expression of how life can be hard and complex sometimes due to challenging phases we have to face.

That’s not all to it. The vendors share that BS sneakers represent the entire community’s hardships as a society. In other words, BS sneakers symbolize the late 90’s and early 2000’s of how our social and political outlook is just a clump of BS.

With representing an ideology, BS sneakers are a new way of expressing one’s individuality. The BS spreads awareness as well as builds up confidence with the approach of how we look at BS in our life. It is raising a new trend with the slogan: what is your BS? Kicks with a new approach! How often do we see such things? So be ready for it and prepare to be a part of new fashion with BS sneakers.

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Abigail Boyd