BP monitoring, a new look, and more are on the way for the Apple Watch in 2024

BP monitoring, a new look, and more are on the way for the Apple Watch in 2024

There are rumors that Apple intends to significantly redesign the Apple Watch in 2024. The upcoming generation might have a new magnetic band attaching mechanism and a sleeker, slimmer design. Apple is reportedly working on two significant health features, blood pressure monitoring and sleep apnea detection, in addition to aesthetic adjustments. The blood pressure monitor’s primary function will be to identify patterns in hypertension and provide early warnings of possible problems. The ability to identify sleep apnea inbuilt may make diagnosis more accessible and easier for everyone. Even if these features are based on rumors and leaks, there might be some surprises on the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch in 2024. Apple is reportedly preparing a major redesign of its well-liked wristwatch, complete with new looks, cutting-edge health functions, and possibly revolutionary future developments, according to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg.

Gurman makes a sleeker, thinner design suggestion for the upcoming Apple Watch in his weekly newsletter, which might perhaps be the “anniversary” model we’ve been waiting for.

A improved casing and possibly even a new magnetic band attachment mechanism could be part of this revamp. Although there aren’t many specifics, it’s reasonable to assume that the aesthetic will be updated.

When it comes to tracking fitness and health, the Apple Watch has always been a step ahead of the competition. Gurman now speculates that the Apple Watch might have sleep apnea detection and blood pressure monitoring.

The blood pressure monitor will be a major addition to Apple’s amazing variety of health features, even though its initial focus was on detecting patterns in hypertension rather than accurate measurements. Users may receive early warnings about possible blood pressure problems, and Apple Watch may be able to record relevant data for discussions with your doctor.

Another feature that may be added to the Apple Watch is the ability to detect sleep apnea. At the moment, sleep apnea diagnosis frequently necessitates uncomfortable overnight tests. If the Apple Watch’s built-in monitoring proves to be correct, it has the potential to greatly democratize and simplify access to diagnosis, enabling individuals to take prompt action for their health.

It is crucial to keep in mind that Gurman’s observations are based on leaks and well-informed speculation, despite the fact that he has an amazing track record of being roughly correct. The final Apple Watch 2024 features and capabilities could differ. However, because 2024 marks the tenth anniversary of the Apple Watch, the business might be holding some tricks up its sleeve. As is typical, Apple is anticipated to introduce the new Apple Watch models in September of the following year.

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