Glashrs – Inborn Producer and Songwriter

Glashrs – Inborn Producer and Songwriter
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Bobby De Mario is well-known in the United States for his career as a journalist, producer, and rising artist, among other things. He goes by the stage name “Glashrs” and aspires to build a name for himself in the music business. Bobby was born and reared in the Florida town of Vero Beach.

Glashrs musical career began at six when he was just six years old. In his hometown, he has a significant following of fans. You’ll fall in love with him the moment you hear him merge hip-hop and electronic music for the first time, thanks to his tremendous talent. 

The artists noticed his brilliance in his local community. Over time, he gained widespread recognition. It’s been a year since “Running” was released, and he’s been putting out fantastic music for the past three years.

Glashrs work has received positive feedback and recognition from various artists and fans. He used to give his fans goosebumps at the beginning of his speeches. He will certainly produce something innovative and extraordinary at some time throughout his professional life. His career is just getting started, but he has a promising future ahead of him.

Passionate as musician

Glashrs had a lifetime passion for music, which he shared with his wife. His musical journey began when he was only six years old. It was only a matter of time until he discovered a means to satiate his insatiable need for music lovers. Glashrs favorite subjects included music composition and songwriting, both of which he excelled at his work.

Glashrs received unintentional recognition and attention in his hometown due to his early interest in musical instruments. He worked with his twin sister Cory De Mario to strengthen his musical singing skills before focusing on composition. He met his performance with a standing ovation in front of the audience.

“Running” is his first song, which he released recently as a means of introducing himself to the public and meeting his supporters. Glashrs awe-inspiring lyrics drove him to the pinnacle of the regional music industry. His ultimate ambitions are to win a Grammy Award or be nominated for a Billboard song of the year award.

The song “Running” by Glashrs is available for streaming on Spotify.

Aside from getting the required talent, drive, and abilities to compete with the best musicians in the world, he also knows how to create the most pleasing melodies for his singing to his listeners. With his unique blend of electronic dance music and lyrical vocals, Glashrs is perfect for evening rides, beach days, and college reunion parties.

It seems just beginning

It’s only the beginning, and he’ll reach tremendous heights due to his dedication and passion for his career. His music is best exemplified by the song ‘Running.’ When Cory DeMario and Glashrs cooperate on a new song, they will reclaim their position as the undisputed leaders of the music industry. The young man has a lot of energy and a strong desire to succeed on his terms.

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