Motorola Razr+ is available for $180 through AT&T without a trade-in

Motorola Razr+ is available for $180 through AT&T without a trade-in

AT&T is launching the Motorola Razr+ with an aggressive pre-order offer that reduces the retail price by $820. With an eligible unlimited wireless plan, AT&T is selling the phone for just $5 per month. Perhaps the best part is that you don’t have to trade in a device. For a limited time, the offer is only available to new and existing customers; therefore, take advantage of it.

The majority of hands-on impressions of the Motorola Razr+ have been favorable, praising the handset’s 3.6-inch front cover display as a surprise hit with tech reviewers. Even though this is just its secondary display, Motorola didn’t skimp on quality.

The outer display has a brightness that peaks at 1,100 nits and a refresh rate that reaches 144 Hz. It’s great to have a lot of screen real estate, but it doesn’t really matter if you can’t use it. The Razr+’s cover display, which allows users to access and use any of their preferred applications, sets it apart from other smartphones and is its best feature.

At the point when you unfurl the Motorola Razr+, you get an enormous 6.9-inch 2640×1080 pOLED screen with a 165Hz revive rate and a pinnacle brilliance of 1,400 nits. The handset is controlled by a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and can give the entire day utilize its 3800mAh battery.

Naturally, the phone supports TurboPower 30W charging and can also charge wirelessly if necessary. The phone is the foldable you’ve been waiting for, and it could even become one of the best foldable smartphones in 2023 with this package.

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