6 Items You Should Stock Up On To Be Ready For Summer

6 Items You Should Stock Up On To Be Ready For Summer

The official start of summer means that the outside temperature will rise steadily over the next few days. It’s crucial to watch what you eat and drink throughout the sweltering summer months in order to replenish your body’s electrolyte balance. Dietary adjustments are necessary throughout this period.

Every season requires the human body to modify its diet. A summertime diet is not the same as one that is consumed in the winter or spring. Eating cooler-inclined food is crucial during the summer to prevent the body from becoming inflamed in any way. Additionally, consuming too spicy food should be avoided as it might hinder the body’s natural digestion process and result in issues like constipation.

Consuming more hydrated and fiber foods in the summertime is crucial for maintaining excellent health. With summer officially here, it’s time to stock the pantry with all the key summertime foods and make the necessary adjustments. These are some of the best foods to stock your cupboard with over the summer.


Buttermilk, or chaas, is a summertime staple that helps to mitigate the unbearable heat outside. It is prepared by adding water to a mixture of spices, including black salt, mint leaves, and cumin seeds. Because buttermilk contains a lot of healthy bacteria, it is also very helpful for the gut, much like curd. It soothes the stomach and aids in simpler digestion. It’s a delicious and nutritious way to stay hydrated.

Vegetables and Fruits

Getting to enjoy a variety of summer fruits and vegetables is one of the best things about summer. The most delectable assortment of mangoes, plums, berries, litchi, and other fruits are best enjoyed in the summer. Also, there is an abundance of fresh summer food in the vegetable market. Making the most of the summertime means stocking the cupboard with as many fresh fruits and vegetables as possible that are available at the market. There are many other ways to use these fruits and veggies, including smoothies, curries, soups, desserts, and much more.


Famous in India, states like Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, and Odisha are home to a large population of sattu. It is prepared by combining millet powder with powdered chickpea flour, barley, and several dry fruit varieties, such as cashews and almonds. In addition to being excellent for digestive health, it’s a terrific way to remain hydrated in the heat. Additionally, sattu shakes facilitate better digestion, and there are numerous methods to use sattu powder in dishes.

Cool Spices

One needs to be extremely careful about the types of spices they use when cooking during the summer. Use of strong, hot spices such as red chilli powder and garam masala must be avoided. Instead, when cooking, one must utilize colder spices like coriander, fennel, and other such spices. They are not only more fashionable, but they will also support healthy digestion and intestinal flora. They don’t leave an overly fiery aftertaste and have a pleasant flavor.


Mishri is another name for rock sugar, which is pure sugar. It is served as prasad in temples quite frequently and tastes very sweet but alluring. In addition to being a superior substitute for refined sugar, mishri enhances the flavor of dairy products and desserts. It is intended for those who prefer a healthier alternative to refined sugar and dislike the taste of jaggery. Mishri is an excellent source of many vitamins because it is also packed with amino acids.


Summer is the ideal season to savor lemons in all their juicy, tart glory. There are a plethora of summertime drink recipes to choose from. In order to provide a zesty and refreshing touch to foods like chicken dishes, fried rice, poha, and chaat, lemon juice can also be sprinkled on them. Antioxidants and vitamins, both of which are vital in the summer, are abundant in lemons. To make sure that one is prepared for summer, it’s a terrific idea to incorporate lemon into one’s normal diet.

Mint Leaves

In India, mint leaves have long been utilized as remedies for many summertime ailments. It is also a very adaptable ingredient that may be used in chutneys, cuisine, and a variety of cool drinks. For a taste boost, chopped mint leaves can also be added to salads. The greatest thing about mint leaves is their cooling effect on food, which gives the body a lot of internal relaxation in the summer.

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