Intel shows precisely what we anticipate from the next-generation MacBook Pro

Intel shows precisely what we anticipate from the next-generation MacBook Pro

Intel has been getting quite aggressive in its new campaigns against M1 Macs, as Apple is supplanting the Intel processors in the Mac lineup with its own Apple Silicon chips. Nonetheless, while attempting to mock Apple, Intel showed precisely what we anticipate from the next generation MacBook Pro: an edge-to-edge display.

Intel’s new advertisements feature Justin Long, the actor who featured as the Mac fellow in Apple’s “Get a Mac” ads. In a series of videos, Intel attempts to contend that Intel-powered PCs have numerous advantages against M1 Macs, which can’t be associated with different external monitors or lack a few well known games.

In any case, Intel may have additionally expanded the hype for the next generation MacBooks. As verified by YouTuber Rene Ritchie, the ads shared by Intel show a laptop that doesn’t look precisely like the as of now accessible M1 MacBook Pro. Rather than having huge bezels, the MacBook appeared in the ad has an almost borderless screen.

Let’s face it, this is exactly the MacBook Pro we have been dreaming of all this time. Be that as it may, no, Intel hasn’t accidentally leaked Apple’s new MacBooks. The organization disclosed to The Verge that they truth be told utilized M1 Macs to record the advertisements, yet the machines were changed during the post-production process for some unknown reason.

Jokes to the side, tales recommend that Apple will present updated 14-inch and 16-inch models of the MacBook Pro sometime later this year. The new PCs are required to have decreased bezels, another Mini-LED display, and obviously an Apple Silicon chip.

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