Google Chrome now comes with a built-in Gemini AI writing tool

Google Chrome now comes with a built-in Gemini AI writing tool

A new AI writing generator is coming to Google Chrome today. Essentially, this Gemini-powered tool is just Gmail’s current “Help me write” function on steroid use, running on one of Google’s most recent Gemini AI models and expanded to the entire web. This new technology, which the business first unveiled in January, is still in its “experimental” stage and needs to be explicitly enabled.

Locate the “Experimental AI” page in the Chrome settings menu to get started. From there, you can quickly enable the new writing tool, the new Chrome theme manager, and Google’s new automated tab organizer (which I haven’t found to be all that smart or useful yet). The AI writer is currently available on Windows, Mac, and Linux in the English language. After that, choose “Help me write” by doing a right-click on any text field. With this, you can compose something entirely original, and Gemini can also edit existing material.

A Google representative informed us that this new tool will not provide you with access to an upgraded writing model if you are a Gemini Advanced subscriber. It is primarily intended for short-form communication, such as emails or support requests, and a larger model might not even be very helpful in those situations.

One cool feature of this tool is that it offers recommendations based on the website you are now on. Adriana Porter Felt, the engineering director of Google, states in the company’s announcement today that “the tool will understand the context of the webpage you’re on to suggest relevant content.” For example, Chrome can highlight important details from the product page that reinforce your recommendation if you’re writing a review for a pair of running shoes, making it more valuable to potential clients.

Just as with Gmail’s “Help me write” option, modifying the results’ length and tone is also quite simple.

It’s essential to remember that Google will receive the text, content, and URL of the page you use the service on in line with its current privacy policy. In a clear statement, Google states that this data “is used to improve this feature, which includes generative model research and machine learning technologies,” along with a human-assisted review process. Be careful, scriptor.

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