You should avoid using screen protectors on your smartphone, according to Xiaomi because it can Harm your Smartphones

You should avoid using screen protectors on your smartphone, according to Xiaomi because it can Harm your Smartphones

Xiaomi has issued a warning to users regarding the possible risks related to using liquid UV sticky screen covers. Xiaomi notes concerns about the application of these protectors and their negative effects on device operation, even if it acknowledges the importance of protecting smartphone displays, particularly on devices with curved screens.

Because of the way they suit curved screens, liquid UV adhesive protectors are becoming more and more popular, however there are risks associated with using them. Xiaomi issues an alert saying that the liquid adhesive used in these shields might leak into important parts like the battery cover, speaker holes, charging port, and actual buttons. Many problems, such as sudden device restarts, broken buttons, distorted speaker output, and even leather on the battery cover peeling, might result from this spread.

The usage of liquid UV adhesive screen protectors is strongly discouraged by Xiaomi in order to reduce potential dangers and guarantee a positive user experience. According to the manufacturer, using these guards might void the warranty on the device in addition to affecting its functionality.

Xiaomi advises looking at screen protection alternatives that don’t rely on liquid UV glue instead. As safer options, materials including electrostatic films, tempered glass, and non-tempered glass are recommended. These substitutes provide worry-free protection for smartphone screens without requiring liquid adhesive, preserving the best possible performance and lifespan of the device.

In addition, Xiaomi is preparing to introduce Xiaomi 14, its flagship series, to Indian and international markets. The business has stated that the product will launch globally on February 25 and reach India on March 7. The variants that will be introduced in India are still unknown, but the corporation will globally introduce a normal, a Pro, and an Ultra version.

According to tipster Abhishek Yadav, the Ultra model will initially go on sale in 1 lakh units, according to X. The Xiaomi 14 is anticipated to be sold for roughly Rs 60,000, similar to last year’s pricing. Meanwhile, the Xiaomi 14 Pro, appealing to customers desiring superior performance and cutting-edge features, would fetch a price tag of about Rs 80,000.

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