SwitchBot announces a new $99 smart door lock that can be installed without the use of any tools

SwitchBot announces a new $99 smart door lock that can be installed without the use of any tools

SwitchBot, the company that creates small robotic fingers that press your switches for you, is expanding its smart home offerings. The new SwitchBot Lock ($99.99) clings to your door and locks and unlocks it by turning the thumb wheel automatically. This is the most simple smart lock retrofit I’ve ever seen. Because no portion of your present door lock needs to be removed, SwitchBot claims it can be installed in seconds. It does, however, appear weird.

The SwitchBot Lock, as well as two compatible keypads, the SwitchBot KeyPad ($29.99) and the SwitchBot KeyPad Touch with a fingerprint reader ($59.99), will be available starting June 20th on Amazon and the SwitchBot shop.

When you’re close to the door, you may control the SwitchBot Lock with your smartphone or Apple Watch as a Bluetooth lock. It features an auto-lock feature as well. You’ll need to pick up a SwitchBot Hub Mini ($39) and put it into a USB outlet near the lock to add voice control through Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa, as well as operate the lock when you’re away from home using the SwitchBot app.

The lock is compatible with most deadbolt locks, according to the manufacturer, and it comes with three different-sized thumb turns to accommodate a range of designs. Additional accessories are also being developed by SwitchBot to increase compatibility. The thumb turns are inserted into the SwitchBot Lock to “grab” and then automatically turn the lock’s thumb turn. You can also manually control it.

This is a wonderful alternative for renters because of the ease of installation. The SwitchBot Lock adheres to the door with 3M VHB adhesive, so you won’t have to screw anything in or replace your existing lock. It’s powered by two CR123A 3V batteries with a six-month battery life guarantee.

In addition to app control, voice control, and keypads, you can still use your existing key to unlock your door, and you may couple one of SwitchBot’s NFC tags with the lock.

There aren’t many retrofit door lock solutions (where you don’t have to replace your entire door lock) on the market. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which costs $230 but doesn’t require a separate hub, is the market leader, followed by the $125 Wyze Lock. Both of them, however, necessitate the removal of portion of your present lock. The SwitchBot Lock is a one-of-a-kind and novel technique to making a smart door lock, though not the most aesthetic.

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