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For Snowballs Modern Warfare’s vacation update will let Players exchange weapons: Call of Duty

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It won’t be around for long!

The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare group is spreading some seasonal happiness this season with a restricted time snowball battle mode.

In the game’s most recent update, Infinity Ward and Activision are revealing another gunfight mode, cunningly titled “Snowfight,” that lets players exchange their weapons for snowballs.

From this point until 1pm ET on December 31st, people and an accomplice will have the option to battle foes with lumps of snow as opposed to projectiles and firearms.

The snowballs work a great deal like other throwable things in the game, similar to blades, and players can get them over the new Winter Docks map.

The Winter Docks map is brightened with wreaths, occasion lights, and a gathering of four unnerving looking snowmen.

In the event that people choose to decimate the snowmen, people’ll trigger a fun, occasional easter egg.

Players will begin with snowballs in the first round of a Gunfight coordinate, as per GameRant.

After that round, they can utilize firearms, yet in addition keep on getting snowballs over the guide all through the remainder of the game.

There are a couple of occasion refreshes for Call of Duty: Mobile players as well.


Another Prop Hunt game-mode will go through December 31st, and people’ll have the option to procure another fight royale class through December 29th.

Freida Dhanial