Arkansas mother purchases out whole Payless store to give to those in need

Arkansas mother purchases out whole Payless store to give to those in need

Payless Shoes might prepare to close for good.

Be that as it may, a family in Arkansas is utilizing the bankruptcy as an approach to pay it forward.

Carrie Jernigan says she took her children to the shopping center back in May to buy them a few shoes.

At the point when her oldest daughter saw a pair of Avengers sneakers, she revealed to her mother about a boy in her class who cherished the Avengers and had shoes that were too small for him.

So she asked her mother if she could buy them for her classmate.

Furthermore, Carrie says that question made her think.

“As I was checking out, I just said ‘how much for the rest of the shoes in the store?’ Almost joking and I could see the clerk, her face, her wheels start to turn and she finished checking me out. She said, ‘can I have your number?'” said Jernigan.

Soon thereafter, Carrie got a call from the Payless district manager revealing to her she could purchase out the remainder of the store which was at that point in liquidation because of the bankruptcy.

She ended up with 1,500 pairs of shoes.

The family intends to throw a “back to school” party so that every child will have a new pair of shoes for the new school year.

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