Giants may get just ‘Grade C prospects’ for relievers

Giants may get just ‘Grade C prospects’ for relievers

The Giants have three relievers whom other MLB groups pine for.

Will Smith, Tony Watson and Sam Dyson all have been referenced in trade bits of gossip this month. Yet, an issue has come up.

The Giants broke out of the All-Star break ablaze and have placed themselves amidst the NL wild-card race. Their hot streak more likely than not will postpone Farhan Zaidi’s decision to purchase or sell.

In the event that Zaidi is compelled to wait, the market could be flooded with alternatives for groups, driving down the cost.

As ESPN’s Buster Olney composes, that could hurt the return the Giants get for Smith, Watson as well as Dyson:

“Some executives believe that by the time we get to the last hours before the trade deadline, there will be a lot of starting pitchers and relievers available, and if that’s the case, then it could depress the possible return that the Giants or any other seller would get. It’s possible, one evaluator indicated, that if San Francisco decided to unload some relievers, it might get offered Grade C prospects.”

Zaidi purportedly had would have liked to utilize the trio of relievers and ace Madison Bumgarner to replenish the Giants’ farm system. Yet, presently, it’s not sure that the Giants will be sellers before the July 31 trade deadline. On the off chance that they do in reality decide to sell, it in all likelihood will come after their two forthcoming series with the Chicago Cubs and the San Diego Padres.

In any case, by at that point, it may be past the point of no return for Zaidi to procure the top prospects he pines for.

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