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Top 8 Global Digital Marketing Influencers with a portfolio that justifies their work

USA, December 31, 2020, ZEXPRWIRE, It’s really difficult nowadays to find a good digital marketer who is not all talk but is capable of giving your business the boost it needs. We have gathered some of the best digital marketers and we have finalized this list considering the following aspects to exist in them.

  • A good amount of experience in their field.
  • A portfolio that justifies their work.
  • Well known among their clients.
  • Achievements that are like no other.

Now we will take a look at some of the best digital marketers and influencers around the globe that you might be looking for:

1.   Rand Fishkin:

Rand Fishkin is the name of one of the most well-known and leading SEO expert, entrepreneur, a notorious advisor, content writer, and product designer at Moz. Rand’s knowledge in Digital marketing is top-notch and the techniques and strategies he uses are sure to intrigue you. He also shares some interesting and thought-provoking insights about digital marketing in his articles and blogs.

Country of Origin: Washington State
Website: Moz
LinkedIn: Randfishkin

2.   Junaid Tariq:

In the days of social media influencers, Junaid Tariq proved with his remarkable efforts that you don’t need millions of followers to be known in the market. Junaid Tariq is one of the finest Award-Winning Digital Marketer, Growth hacker, and SEO expert with a Harvard Certificate. He has handled many big projects and worked with many market giants in Pakistan and Overseas.

Junaid Tariq is known for his reputation in the market and is one of the leading Digital Marketer in Pakistan. The projects he handled had excellent results.

Country of Origin: Pakistan
Website: Junaidtariq
LinkedIn: Junaidtariqdotcom

3.   Neil Patel:

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital and Founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar, and KISSmetrics and a writer for some, significant distributions like Inc., Entrepreneur, and Forbes. Entrepreneur Magazine considered him the #1 marketer on the planet and today, he assists companies with loving HP, Amazon, and GM with their income development.

Obviously, with regards to digital marketing, Neil Patel realizes how to assist companies with accomplishing genuine, significant outcomes.

Country of Origin: India
Website: Neilpatel
LinkedIn: Neilkpatel

4.   Ryan Deiss:

Ryan Deiss is known as the CEO and Founder of The Scalable Company (,,, and also Founding Partner at Scalable Equity, LLC.

Ryan is the maker of the “Customer Value Optimization” procedure and has presented and advocated a significant number of the digital marketing strategies that advanced organizations now use.

Country of Origin: Texas Metropolitan Area
Website: Digitalmarketer
LinkedIn: Ryandeiss

5.   Brian Dean:

Brian Dean is one of the most pursued after SEO expert, he is also known for his work and is famous for his ext5raordinary achievements in SEO. He is an SEO expert and the creator of the Backlinko.

Many magazines have featured him in their articles and called him by many names like “SEO Genius” and “brilliant entrepreneur” etc. this shows how much value he has in the market.

Country of Origin: Rhode Island
Website: Backlinko
LinkedIn: Brianedean

6.   Tai Lopez:

We cannot make the top digital marketers list without Tai Lopez who is an investor, partner, and advisor of over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. He is also rated as a top business influencer by no other than Forbes itself. His achievements are top-notch and he also appeared in many different T.V shows.

He also influences many students with his speeches as he had already given speeches at TEDx talks and top global universities like The London Business School and the University of Southern California.

Country of Origin: California
Website: Tailopez
LinkedIn: Tailopez

7.   Dan Lok:

Dank Lok is the only celebrity influencer on this list and without a doubt worthy of being one of the best in the world.

The Founder and CEO of,,,,, and, Dan’s portfolio shows what he is capable of. He is currently assessing achievements in markets covering education, new media, and software.

Country of Origin: Hong Kong
Website: Danlok
LinkedIn: Danlok

8.   Billy Gene

He’s the founder of Billy Gene Is Marketing, Inc. furthermore, a remarkable video advertiser. Billy Gene began in the business by settling on 600 cold decisions daily selling courses for an online college. Billy Gene knew there was a future in online instruction; he simply didn’t have any desire to sell kids online college degrees. So he authorized some substance that helped individuals quit smoking and started selling it as digital courses.

He is now one of the best digital marketers in the industry and his efforts made him a great influencer.

Country of Origin: California
Website: Billygeneismarketing
LinkedIn: Billy-gene-is-marketing-inc

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