Top 5 highlights of Pokemon GO from October 2023

Top 5 highlights of Pokemon GO from October 2023

You may find out what you missed or didn’t get to experience by reviewing our review of all the activities Pokemon GO provided in October. Every month, a player might miss one or two crucial moments, but others might not miss any at all.

Certain collectors are focused on obtaining the best Shinies, but others aim to find Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. Every time, the creators manage to maintain community engagement. Let’s see what you can still get before November officially begins, without further ado.

It is still possible to obtain Mythical creatures for your collection through the 5-star Raids. In a same vein, this month presents a chance to obtain Shiny Zorua. These only serve as a reminder of what’s available to you by the end of the month. Having saying that, enjoy these five exciting Pokemon GO highlights from October 2023.

Raid Battles and four further Pokemon GO events starting in October 2023

1) Raid Battles

In Pokemon GO, raid battles present an excellent opportunity to find a legendary or mythical Pokemon. You not only almost receive the common version from Raids, but if you catch it, you might even earn a Shiny.

The list of Pocket Monsters available in 5-star raids is as follows:

  • Raikou, Entei, and Suicune: September 23–October 6.
  • Guzzlord: October 6 to October 20
  • Darkrai: October 20 to November 3

Mega creatures available in Mega Raid:

  • Mega Gardevoir: September 26 to October 6
  • Mega Gengar: October 6 to October 20
  • Mega Banette: October 20 to November 3

Shiny versions of every Pocket Monster listed above are available.

2) Raid Hour

During Raid Hour, which lasts for an hour, the monsters from high-tier raids reappear in the gym. This PvE format is different from Raid Battle in that it gives you an opportunity to recapture them. Typically, this event takes place on Wednesdays from 6 to 7 p.m. local time.

The list of Pokemon Raid Hours available is as follows:

  • Entei, Suicune, and Raikou: October 4
  • Guzzlord: October 11 to October 18
  • Darkrai: October 25

Shinies from Pokemon GO Raid Hour could be seen again by those who missed them during the Raid Battle.

3) Shadow Raids

Catching a Shadow Pokemon from the Shadow Raids is always possible. Niantic began its event programs on October 1st, when Shadow Moltres, dressed as a Shadow Boss, took control of the gym. You could have captured both the Shiny version and a Legendary Shadow Monster if you had participated in it.

You can still obtain a Shadow Lugia and a Shiny Shadow Lugia even though the former is no longer encounterable. This creature can be found during the Team GO Rocket Takeover event.

The details about the time and date is as follows:

Takeover by Team GO Rocket from October 26 to October 31

4) Halloween 2023 Part 1 and Part 2

One of the most significant gatherings the Pokemon GO creators host in October is Halloween. There were two parts to this one. In the second half of the event, Shiny Zorua and Shiny Zoroark made their debut, among other elusive species that were presented. The second section ends on October 31, while the first part is already over. Thus, this month is the best time of year to go hunting for some of the spookiest creatures.

Greavard and Houndstone were the main attractions of the Halloween 2023 Part 1 event. Gaining them was more likely if you participated in Pokemon GO 3-Star Raids. With the exception of all Mythical and Legendary monsters, you may have caught Phantump, Sandygast, and Galarian Yamask.

5) Harvest Festival

To entice Pokemon GO players to participate in events, Niantic is constantly searching for innovative thoughts and ideas. The October 12–17 Harvest Festival event was centred around all creatures of the grass family. It was a unique programme since it introduced Smoliv, a Gen IX creature, to the player base through Field Research Tasks, Wild Encounters, and other features.

Pumpkaboo and Gourgeist are the additional animals that are included in the Pokemon GO Harvest Festival. If you had taken part, you may have added some of these rare creatures to your collection.

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