TN careless blood transfusion case: Baby born contaminated lady tests negative for HIV

TN careless blood transfusion case: Baby born contaminated lady tests negative for HIV

The infant destined to the Tamil Nadu lady who contracted HIV after she was transfused with tainted blood by a government blood bank in Sattur tried negative for HIV. The test was taken 45 days after birth.

Addressing TNM, the girl’s dad said that he and his family are mitigated that the child lacks strains of HIV. “The first test result is clean. This was taken 17 days ago. The doctor has said that the next test will be taken six months after the baby’s birth,” the dad said.

A 23-year-old pregnant lady tested positive for HIV after she was carelessly transfused with HIV tainted blood to her in December. The incident became exposed after the man who had given the blood educated the blood informed center that he was HIV positive, which he found amid a blood screening as part of a visa application process.

The incident sent shockwaves over the state. The pregnant lady was quickly admitted to Government Rajaji Hospital, Madurai for treatment and delivery of the kid. She conceived an offspring on January 17 and was proceeded with treatment. Then, the doctors at Rajaji Hospital held the infant under perception as quite possibly they infant could have the contamination from the mother.

“The baby is already taking syrup and the doctors have told us to continue giving that to the baby till 84th day. Now, since the first test has come out negative for HIV, the doctors are confident that the next test will also be clean and have told us not to worry,” the infant’s dad said.

Not long after the occurrence of careless blood transfusion became visible, the then Health Secretary J Radhakrishnan hurried to Sattur and conducted an inquiry. The Tamil Nadu Health Department additionally ended the services of three individuals from the staff, incorporating a lab technician in the Sattur government hospital. A specialist committee under Dr Sindha, senior blood donation center officer at the Government Rajaji Hospital, was formed to investigate the incident.

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