There is a new identity for Air India Express, as well as new liveries for its aircraft

There is a new identity for Air India Express, as well as new liveries for its aircraft

The new brand identity, logo, and aircraft livery were unveiled by managing director Aloke Singh and chairman Campbell Wilson of Air India Express.

At a ceremony on Wednesday in Mumbai airport, Air India Express and AirAsia India, divisions of Tata-owned Air India, unveiled a shared, updated branding as a ‘Air India Express’ aboard a new Boeing B737 -8 aircraft.

Campbell Wilson, the chairman of Air India Express, and Aloke Singh, the managing director, introduced the new brand identity, logo, and livery on the first brand-new Boeing 737-8 aircraft.

We are currently seeing the last stages of the Air India Express and Air Asia India merger, which is transforming the aviation industry. We are happy to introduce the new Air India Express brand, which is an important part of the new Air India Group and is charged with becoming the airline of a new generation by offering every Indian the best value, accessibility, and domestic and regional connectivity. The overarching goal of these initiatives is to strengthen ties between Indians and the rest of the world, according to Campbell Wilson.

Express Orange and Express Turquoise, with Express Tangerine and Express Ice Blue serving as supplementary colors, make up the airline’s new visual identity.

The defining color of Air India Express, Express orange, represents the brand’s energy and adaptability while also expressing the positioning of traditional Indian warmth. The Express Turquoise embodies the brand’s personality attributes of modern luxury elegance with a digitally first mindset.

“The consolidated Air India Express-AirAsia India company will operate as Air India Express, with a modern, refreshed branding, positioning itself as “New India’s Smart Connector,” said Aloke Singh, managing director of Air India Express. The introduction of the contemporary, fuel-efficient Boeing B737 – 8 aircraft marks a new step in our ambitious expansion and transformation path.

“With the addition of 50 additional aircraft to our fleet over the next 15 months, we will quickly double in size. We want to expand to a fleet of roughly 170 narrow-body aircraft over the period of the next five years, with a network covering both internal Indian markets and short-haul overseas markets. The aircraft livery will have a changing tailfin design inspired by the rich artistic and craft traditions of the nation, themed as “The patterns of India,” keeping with our distinctive tradition, he continued.

In addition to introducing its new corporate identity, Air India Express also introduced its new distinctive sonic identity, a lively melody that captures the spirit of a forward-thinking, upbeat, and confident New India. A corporate representative claimed that the unique musical logo of Air India Express “evokes the Rasas of Karuna, Adbutha, and Veera, a harmonious welcome to the sounds of New India.”

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