The Addition Of AI Bots

The Addition Of AI Bots

It has recently been revealed that Epic is making bigger changes the way Fortnite works matchmaking. With major updates in the game’s version 10.40; the developer is introducing skill based matchmaking to the battle royale. In a blog post, Epic published that ever since the battle royale has been launched, the matchmaking strategy for the core modes have remain static and unchanged. Over the last couple of years, the range of player skills has grown considerably.     

Epic says, it is not clear how it will work however it will be introducing enhanced matchmaking logic to the battle modes of royale core creating the fairer matches. The developer explained that this means that the players will more likely to match with the players having the same skill, and as you will be getting better, so will be your opponents. This new matchmaking system is expected to be rolled out across all of the regions however slowly and gradually.

It will be a big chance for the game and it is expected to have substantial effects on how competitive standard modes feel for the brand new, high skilled and casual players. If you are a professional streamer, it will broadcast the game quality in a different manner. This change goes against the previous statements given by Epic. It was seen and observed when the company stated that Fortnite has been designed for the players of various skill levels to compete side by side.

The Epic’s response against the complaints filed by the top tier players was:

“The mission of Fortnite is to bring players of all skill levels together to have a fun experience where anyone can win. For example: everyone having a shot at that first elimination or victory royale moment and the satisfying feeling that comes with it. Right now, we know there are players out there who have never had that opportunity.”

Epic backpedaled and reduced thein-game abilities. However, the difference between the professional and the regular players got more highlighted as Fortnite shifts into a viable e-sport steadily with events such as the Fortnite Champion Series and the World Cup.

Thanks to the addition of Al Bots that in the beginning of season 11, the players will have an appropriate way of practicing in Fortnite. The bots will behave just the way they behave to the normal players. Also these will help to provide a better path for the players to enhance their skills. Epic explains that Bots will work in conjunction with the updated matchmaking and with enhancement of the players skills, fewer bots will be there.

This appears as if the bots will remain there for the lowest skill players just to facilitate them and improving them to the point where they can compete the humans. Epic also added that bots will not be there in the competitive arena playlists.

As epic seems to give the fans best battle royale experience possible, they deserve credit specifically when the game is completely free of cost to be played on all the main stream platforms.

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