Switching EHR systems may build operation times, investigation finds

Switching EHR systems may build operation times, investigation finds

Operating times for eye surgeries may take longer after a medicinal center executes a new EHR system, as per an investigation published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Ophthalmology.

For the investigation, Baltimore-based Johns Hopkins University specialists analyzed information from eye surgeries performed between July 2015 and November 2016 at two ambulatory surgical centers and a hospital outpatient department in a single academic institute.

Operative times were accumulated from two EHR systems, and the rates of surgeries performed post-EHR implementation were isolated into three 50-day transition categories: immediate, intermediate and late. Analysts examined a total of 11,064 cases performed by 76 surgeons.

Results of the examination demonstrated that in contrast with surgery times before the new EHR implementation, the average operating room time was 2.9 minutes longer during the prompt post-EHR transition period and 1.2 minutes longer in the intermediate post-EHR transition period. There was not a difference in OR time between the late post-transition and pre-transition periods.

For ASCs and the HOPD, results demonstrated that cataract surgeries performed at the HOPDs required 15.9 more minutes on average for operating time with a 5.1 minute longer turnaround time than surgeries performed at the ASCs.

Since transitioning to a new EHR incidentally changed OR efficiency, the examination creators concluded that medical institutions ought to look at the foreseen advantages, for example, potential enhancements to information reporting and client fulfillment, which a new EHR system may invoke.

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