“Vanilla Ice Cream” is the codename for the upcoming Android 15 dessert

When they first learned about Android 14’s dessert-themed codename, “Upside Down Cake,” it seems like yesterday. Even though that name never really gets used by the general public, it has been a nice little tradition ever since Android first came out. Even though Android 14 won’t be released to the general public for a long time, it looks like Android’s developers are getting ready for the next chapter internally, as the codename for Android 15 was revealed today. This year, the codename, which arrives as “Vanilla Ice Cream,” has appeared earlier than it did last year, when it first appeared in April.

The information appears in AOSP as a series of code changes in Android’s Trade Federation (Tradefed/TF) and comes from Mishaal Rahman, who was tipped off by TeamB58. As Rahman states, Google is always looking ahead and working on new enhancements and features, so if it doesn’t make it into the current build, there’s always a chance that it might be pushed to a later update, or potentially, it might not even make it into the OS at all. The Android update is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2024. For the most part, we don’t really get any details about what to expect.

The dessert-themed codename doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things, as was previously suggested; however, it is still a fun little throwback Easter egg from when Android was still a young operating system with no clear path forward. Additionally, how could we overlook the beautiful statues that were erected on Google’s campus to commemorate the release of each new Android update? Naturally, Google has now put those in storage to be fixed, so even those are gone. I hope they will appear at some point.

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