Multiple WhatsApp accounts will soon be available on one device

Multiple WhatsApp accounts will soon be available on one device

The capacity for users to have numerous accounts on the same device is something WhatsApp is working on. Similar to how you can have numerous Instagram profiles, this is possible. Only a small number of beta testers get access to the functionality, which is still under development.

The long-awaited multi-account functionality, which enables users to utilize numerous WhatsApp accounts on the same device, is finally being tested by WhatsApp. Users of the WhatsApp app were previously limited to utilizing just one account. Thus, clone WhatsApp apps were required if a user wished to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device. These unofficial apps posed a security risk in addition to being an annoyance. But no longer.

According to reports, WhatsApp is making the multi-account capability available to Android users. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is currently experimenting with the new functionality on Android beta, which is also the most recent version that is backwards compatible. However, by installing specific earlier upgrades of the program, some fortunate beta testers might be able to access the same feature.

According to the screenshot provided by WABetaInfo, the multi-account feature will ultimately enable users to add an additional account on the same device directly from WhatsApp Settings. Users will be able to move between accounts on the same device without the need for additional hardware or parallel programs because it will keep discussions and alerts separate.

By removing the requirement to create a separate WhatsApp account, even from a different device, the multi-account functionality will make it easier to use many accounts on a single device. Users might only be able to add one more account to their app, so keep that in mind. However, it’s likely that WhatsApp will raise this cap in a later software update. Similar functionality will be available in Meta’s other apps, such as Facebook and Instagram, where users may sign into numerous accounts and smoothly move between profiles with a single swipe.

The availability of the multi-account capability to Android beta testers also suggests that it is expected to be offered to the entire public shortly, even if there has been no official announcement from WhatsApp regarding the feature. This feature will first be available to Android users.

In the meantime, WhatsApp is also updating its user interface (UI). In order to give users a more innovative experience, the company is overhauling the settings interface. The Status, Chats, and other tab navigation bars will reportedly relocate to the bottom of the app. Additionally, WhatsApp is introducing a new Communities tab. In addition, the app’s top bar will no longer be green.

With changes, WhatsApp is modernizing its green color. The message button and the logo will both be green, but with a more simple layout. Furthermore, additional filter choices like All, Unread, Personal, and Business will be available on top of the chats. People will find it simpler to find the messages they require thanks to these filters. Although the precise purposes of these filters are unknown, WhatsApp may let users categorize talks as personal or professional.

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