Money Heist 5: Here’s every characters of series who will return in the finale season

Money Heist 5: Here’s every characters of series who will return in the finale season

The Professor’s posse is set up to brawl against the new enemy – the military. From what everyone have found in the trailer of Money Heist season 5 up until this point, the finale will be an enormous actioner. The Netflix show that began spilling in 2017 has seen characters participate, withdrawing, exchanging sides and returning in flashbacks as well. Before La Casa De Papel or Money Heist premiers its finale season five, here’s a gander at all the characters who’ll be returning in the upcoming episodes, and their story up until now.

Sergio aka Salva aka The Professor

The genius and the head of the gang, The Professor has stayed the mind behind all that is unfolded on both the heists up until now. In any case, the capture of Lisbon by the police and the passing of Nairobi left him powerless. A man who consistently had a Plan B prepared, was left in charge when controller Alicia Sierra got him at his safe-house at gunpoint toward the end of season 4. everyone have found in Money Heist 5 trailer that Alicia will torment him. Can he move is to be seen.


The narrator of the show and one of the key gang members, Tokyo was baying for blood after Gandia killed her best friend Nairobi. She’s the strongest at this point generally powerless, and never consents to bow regardless of whether it implies conflicting with one of her own. She may have been a justification a few things turning out badly and screwing up previously, yet this time, she appears not really settled to protect her gathering.

Raquel Murillo aaka Lisbon

Her journey from Raquel to Lisbon reversed the tables for The Professor and his gang. One of the strongest headed characters, she knows the tricks of trade and can peep into the brain of the cops, in this manner turning into The Professor’s right hand during the arrangements toward the beginning of the heist. Presently that she’s inside the bank as the greatest inspiration of her mates, she may likewise lead the battle against the assaulting armed force.


He sweared to help The Professor in the continuous theft for his companion and love of life, Berlin. Likewise on the grounds that it was him who strategised the arrangement with Berlin, he’s the one in particular who can save the game in The Professor’s nonappearance. He knows pretty much everything about the bank and its structure, and should save the group to vindicate himself in the wake of denouncing any and all authority and aiding Gandia escape. He’s certainly at fault for Nairobi’s demise to a degree as well.


Subsequent to losing his dad Moscow in the first heist, he discovered solace in hostage Monica, who in the long run escaped with him. He acknowledged Monica’s child Cincinnati and wasn’t exactly content with Monica otherwise known as Stockholm going along for the burglary. His anxiety toward always avoiding their child left the couple confronting a ton of false impressions during the continuous heist.

Mónica Gaztambide aka Stockholm

A prisoner who falls head over heels for a similar man who shoots her during the main burglary – Denver. In spite of being pregnant with Arturo’s youngster without any father present, Monica will not abandon Denver and joins the group as an associate. However, her disparities with Denver over leaving her child Cincinnati behind wait in the subsequent heist.


The sole purpose for The Professor joining the pack again – liberating Rio from the grip of the police monstrosities. Notwithstanding him rejoining his mates, Rio isn’t a similar person. He presently experiences PTSD and can’t hold his certainty against the foe. His under certainty additionally pushes him to separation with Tokyo, leaving her sorrowful.


One of the resilient men of the pack who’s given the assignment of holding the prisoners within proper limits. He’s kind when he’s with his colleagues, however a difficult one to figure out when he’s grinding away. He lost his sibling Oslo, his dearest companion Nairobi, and doesn’t discover love with Palermo as well. His disappointment at a few fronts may descend vigorously on the adversary this time.


Berlin’s companion, he joins the posse as an expert welder. He at first is glad for his manliness and that he has seven children, however in the long run becomes hopelessly enamored with Nairobi. Her demise leaves him vindictive and thumping down Gandia.


One more old companion of Berlin, Marseille restricts with The Professor from an external perspective, assisting him with executing the plans. In the trailer of season five, we even see him entering the bank to battle close by the pack.


Denver’s beloved companion, she’s a transsexual who gets enlisted to present like a prisoner and watch out for any sort of resistance among them. She even shoots Arturo in the knee when she sees him plotting a getaway plan. She is relied upon to join the burglars in the new season.


The Professor’s senior sibling who passed on to guarantee the achievement of the principal heist and the security of his gangsters, Berlin shows up in flashbacks when we will see the history of how he arranged the theft alongside The Professor and Palermo. He’s even displayed to wed a young lady named Tatiana. Season five will likewise present Berlin’s child Rafael as another cast part.


The head of safety at the Bank of Spain, Gandia is a fierce and heartless man with regards to tackling his work and making pandemonium for the burglars. He hold Tokyo hostage and kills Nairobi to show something new to the group. Toward the finish of season four, Gandia is brought somewhere around Bogota.

Alicia Sierra

The cop who reversed the situation toward the finish of Money Heist 4, Alicia is a solid headed, tricky official who can pull any stop to finish her work. After her police office betrays her, she goes on a post for The Professor all alone to seize him. As per her, the brains is answerable for her standing going down the channel and needs to render retribution by ruining his arrangement.


The one who cherishes the tag of a prisoner, Arturo bounces inside the bank to command notice and ruin the relationship of Denver and Stockholm. The way that Monica became Stockholm and conveyed his youngster, hurt Arturo’s male personality. Presently, all he needs is prisoners to revolt with the goal that the burglars flop thus do Denver-Stockholm.

Colonel Tamayo

The accountable for the dealings after Alicia was tossed out by the police office, Tamayo doesn’t reconsider taking the unlawful course to finish his work, even against the burglars. He is incautious and will in general take hurried choices, which a ton of times bomb leaving him more enraged.


Raquel’s previous associate at the police office who has consistently cherished her and wanted for her great, yet is defenseless in the possession of law. However Angel needs Raquel’s bliss, he can’t acknowledge that she succumbed to The Professor, who he accepts, utilized her for the primary heist’s prosperity.


Berlin’s better half who he trusted to death and had uncovered everything about the subtleties of Bank of Spain heist. However The Professor questions her, she has so far seem to be Berlin’s help. She’s a piano player, who likewise helps Berlin in his more modest thefts across nations.

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