Google is rolling out new update for the Messages app

Google is rolling out new update for the Messages app

One of the many new features that Google is releasing for the Messages app is the option to change the background and text bubble colours. Therefore, you can have blue bubbles on your Android messaging app if that’s how you really want it. Each discussion can have a different colour, which could assist you avoid unintentionally disclosing personal data to family and friends.

You can turn images into reactions with Photomoji, thanks to on-device Google AI (which means you’ll likely need an existing Pixel device to access this function). To create a Photomoji, simply select an image, select an object (or human or animal), and press the send button. You can use any Photomoji you send to pals in the chat, and these reactions will be stored for later use.

With the help of the recently added Voice Moods tool, you may add one of nine different moods to a voice message. These moods are represented visually by effects like the party popper, fireballs (perfect for when you’re angry), and heart-eye emojis. Google claims that by increasing the bitrate and sampling rate, it has also improved the quality of audio messages.

In addition, you can type phrases like “I love you” or “It’s snowing” to activate over 15 different Screen Effects. According to Google, they will cause “your screen to erupt in a symphony of colours and motion.” When specific reactions and emoticons are used, Messages will display animated effects in other places.

In addition, to allow customers have more control over how they appear across Google services, users may now create a profile that adds their name, photo, and phone number to it. According to the firm, this feature can be useful if you get messages on your phone from a number that isn’t included in your group conversations. It could also be useful to know who is who in a group conversation.

Starting today, a few of these features in the most recent version of Google Messages will be available in beta. Google states that the market and device will determine which features are available.

Alongside the announcement that over a billion people now use Google Messages with RCS enabled each month, Google is also releasing these upgrades. Compared to SMS and MMS, RCS (Rich Communication Services) is a more feature-rich and secure texting protocol. Features like typing indicators, group conversations, read receipts, and high-resolution media are available. Through RCS, Google also provides end-to-end encryption for private and group chats.

Google had been trying to get Apple to implement RCS in order to enhance the compatibility of Android and iOS for years. Apple decreased possibly due to the fact that iMessage—along with its blue bubbles—has long been a status symbol among its customers. Nevertheless, Apple has given in, perhaps to make sure it complies with EU laws. The company recently declared that it would begin to support RCS in 2024.

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