Is Nokia still available when HMD Global enters the smartphone market with ‘HMD Phones’?

Is Nokia still available when HMD Global enters the smartphone market with ‘HMD Phones’?

The whole product lineup of HMD Global, the official licensee of well-known smartphone manufacturer Nokia, is about to undergo an overhaul. Updates to the company’s internet channels from ‘Nokia Mobile’ to ‘HMD’ indicate a significant departure from the years-long Nokia product lines. Since 2016, the corporation has been getting its phones made by the Finnish manufacturer.

Nokia phones, “HMD Originals,” and a number of other products will be part of HMD’s multi-brand strategy, the company announced. The company stated, “You will see new Nokia phones.” The social media profiles, on the other hand, have been updated with an emphasis on HMD to reflect the updated identity.

“We’re still makers of Nokia smartphones and Nokia ‘dumbphones,’ we’re getting warmed up to bring you even more, including original HMD devices, and phones from all-new partnerships,” the business stated in an official blog post. According to HMD, customers can still purchase Nokia tablets, smartphones, and other devices from its website, and support for these models will be provided while they are under warranty.

For those who don’t know, HMD began producing Nokia devices in 2014 after acquiring Nokia from Microsoft, at which point the mobile manufacturer shifted its emphasis to networks. The license to mass-produce smartphones and mobile phones carrying the Nokia brand was granted to the brand in 2016. Due to the agreement between HMD and Nokia, the Nokia 6 was the first smartphone to be released in 2017.

HMD Global Vice President of India and APAC Ravi Kunwar commented on the most recent development, saying: “You will get to see unique HMD originals, the Nokia phones that you’ve always loved, and some super exciting partnerships that we can’t wait to reveal.”

Furthermore, “We’re transitioning from being a licensee to becoming a multi-brand company with our own distinct HMD brand product line, complemented by several licensing partnerships and significant brand collaborations,” stated Lars Silberbauer, CMO at Nokia Phones/HMD. It’s possible that the company’s redesigned lineup’s initial smartphones will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2024. A smartphone in the lineup might include an optical image stabilization (OIS) equipped 108MP back camera.

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