Masvidal-Diaz will choose who’s the ‘Baddest Motherf—er’ : UFC 244

Masvidal-Diaz will choose who’s the ‘Baddest Motherf—er’ : UFC 244

UFC consistently has been viewed as the most significant three letters in blended hand to hand fighting. Clearly, that is altogether changed. In any event it will Saturday night at the Garden where the BMF belt is at stake.

Jorge Masvidal of Miami and Nate Diaz of Stockton, Calif., will meet in the headliner of UFC 244 of every a welterweight session where the “Baddest Motherf–ker” belt is hanging in the balance — and with President Donald Trump expected to be in participation. What started as an interesting contrivance has taken on genuine importance as two of the best in the UFC meet with a legendary title in question. The primary card will be live spilled on ESPN+ pay-per-see.

“If you want to go to a fight, you want to see the baddest motherf–kers fight,” Diaz said recently. “You don’t want to see some of these champions fight. I don’t mean to disrespect anybody. There’s a lot of great fighters doing a lot of really good things. But it’s hard to think of who’s the best fighter. All I can think of is me and my brother [Nick] and Jorge. I like warriors. I like real fighters.”

A BMF belt has been authorized by the UFC for the battle and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has said he will give the victor the belt.

“It’s going to be an electrifying night,” Johnson said via web-based networking media.

Diaz said they isn’t shocked the consideration the session is getting. The prominent veteran who claims a triumph over Conor McGregor is one of the most cultivated in the game. Their fans grasp their fighting style and battle to-the completion attitude.

A non-conventionalist, Diaz (21-11) thought of the BMF title which suits their persona.

“I’m defending the title” “It would be cool if Mike Tyson was here. Wasn’t he the baddest motherf—er on the planet?”

Diaz insisted.

Masvidal (33-13) said they loves the entire thought of the BMF belt.

“It’s all legacy. It’s all heart and drive,” they said.

“Nate isn’t the most skilled [fighter], but he’s one of the biggest dogs the sport has ever seen and that right there to me means a lot. That’s a guy I want to beat.”

Masvidal tipped the scales at 169.6 pounds on Friday, while Diaz was 170.4. It’s an eagerly awaited confrontation that showed up in risk when Diaz threated to haul out of the session after reports surfaced they had tried for “elevated levels” from “tainted substances.”

Diaz, a vegetarian, denied any bad behavior and resented being taken a gander at like a miscreant. After a day, the UFC declared Diaz had been cleared and “not subject to any sanctions.”

Diaz said they lost rest over the episode.

“They were [messing] up my whole [routine],” they said. “It wasn’t fair. When I said fight’s off, no one could sleep.”

Masvidal upheld Diaz and is glad the battle endure.

“I always thought when I was coming up I was going fight Nate at some point,” they said. “Then I thought it might not materialize. It’s always a fight I wanted personally. I like the dude’s style. I like how he carries himself. I thought it might not happen. But thank God it did.”

At age 34, Diaz believes they are improving with age.

“With time and experience you get better,” they said. “I know how to recover. I know how to train and I know to stay busy. The best thing to do is to know about your craft and to know what things are working right.”

It ought to be a touchy battle for anyway long it keeps going. Neither one of the fighters will give up.

“You might be beating him up for four rounds and he’s still game and he’ll wrap around your neck,” Masvidal said of Diaz. “The best way to describe it is he’s a fighting dog and when fighting a dog the only way to take care of him is to put him down.”

Just a BMF can do that.

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